Blu-ray Review: Prep & Landing: Totally Tinsel Collection

Last year I reviewed Prep and Landing as it made its DVD and Blu-ray debut.  It was an incredible featurette that originally aired as a special on ABC.  I loved the show and was impressed with how detailed and thorough it was.  But it was essentially a short film at the price of a feature, which might give one pause.  Enter Prep and Landing Naughty Vs. Nice.  It’s a whole new adventure, just as good as the first one and they are now included in one Christmas package: the Totally Tinsel Collection.  Also included are short shorts Tiny’s Big Adventure, a so so bonus feature and Secret Santa, a fun Mission: Impossible style short that is every inch as good as the features.

Prep and Landing is a division of the North Pole operations that makes sure each house is prepped and secure before Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.  Wayne (Dave Foley) is finally up for a promotion when he is suddenly passed over by santa and teamed up with a rookie.  The imbittered elf must learn to rise above his pettiness and rediscover the magic of Christmas, before he ruins it for others.  In the next film, Naughty VS Nice, a new division is introduced and with it, a terrorist threat from a child who intends to be removed from the naughty list.  Wayne teams up with a field expert from the naughty division and old conflicts arise that must be resolved in order for christmas to be saved.  My favorite reindeer, Thrasher, also returns for a cameo in this one.

In addition to the two fine specials a fun reel of North Pole  commercials is included.  This is a set sure to become a holiday tradition.  Here’s hoping they keep ’em coming.