Las Vegas 2013 Day 2 part II

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We took our time and leisurely headed back to the room after playing a few of the machines in the casino.  I tried out Jaws, we played the new Village People Party, which took all of the magic out of the original that we loved and decided Caesar Palace had better odds.  A waitress did take drink orders while we were down there.  Sara had a mimosa, the socially acceptable morning cocktail, I asked for my Sam Adams without hesitation.   We went to the front desk to check into our new room using Sara’s reservation.  This also went very smoothly.  While we waited we were waved over to a rep at a check out sign.  We told them we were checking in and the rep said “It’s okay.  I can do both.”  She was very nice, but I had to wonder about their system if that was the case.  She also thoroughly explained to us the mini bar situation.  The mini bar consists of the fridge, which is not allowed for personal use, and the items above it (boxes of nuts, bottled water, martini shaker, etc.)  Tampering with these items results in a $50 convenience charge, plus the outrageous price of the items used.  We were then told that there was a weight sensor and we could be charged for removing anything.  I suddenly remembered when we were looking at the items in our room and Sara asked me what I thought was in the martini shaker.  I picked it up without a second thought.  I made a mental note to discuss it at check out.

Our new room was on the 54th floor.  The elevators are assigned to specific floor groupings for efficiency, so we rocketed up and went to see our new room, leaving our baggage in the other one.  It was the same basic set up as the previous room.  Sara was disappointed that they didn’t wish us a happy anniversary.  She had told them of the occasion when making the reservation and was hoping for some small gesture.  Once we checked out the view I went down to the other room for the luggage which was one back pack on each arm and a tote bag, and went back down to check out.  I admitted to lifting the martini shaker and the woman laughed slightly and told me not to worry about it.  She asked me if I needed help with my luggage.  I suppose I may have looked odd, but convenience for me means getting things done quickly without any outside involvement, so I graciously declined and returned to my wife just moments before a surprise visit from room service.

The man at the door had a plate  of chocolate covered strawberries and cake.  I told him we didn’t order anything, but he said they were complimentary.  They were from Jean Philippe and the quality of the chocolate was very impressive.  The cake squares half dipped in chocolate had a coconut flavor to them.  We were surprised and thrilled by the gesture.  When Sara was ready to head out and tackle our new mission, I called below to find out where the tram station was and we rode from Aria to the Bellagio.  I brought my beer along, which was actually, somehow, my second Sam Adams of the day.  With the room switch behind us, and a wonderful lunch ahead of us, I was truly relaxed and enjoying the ride.

We trekked through the Bellagio and stumbled across their atrium along the way.  It was a gorgeous fall theme with the mythological appeal of trolls and druids.  A lovely covered bridge went through a fountain and a waterwheel churned up water amidst a placid pool surrounded by vibrancy and whimsy.

To be continued…


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