Las Vegas 2013 Day 2

This is the beginning of day 2 of our Vegas trip this month.  Day 1 starts here.

Day 2

We woke up early, around 6:30.  Between the free drinks and the bars I felt sure that it would take a while to get going this morning, but we woke up well rested and ready for our next coup.  We planned our whole trip based on where we wanted to eat, and coordinated our movements accordingly.  Today, we were having lunch at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Caesar’s Palace.  Then we would be moving south toward Mandalay Bay for Dinner at Rick Moonen’s new alchemy themed gastro pub with a steam-punk overlay called Rx Boiler Room.  I’ve been excited for this place ever since I read that it was happening on facebook.  I’m a huge fan of his Catfish Sloppy Joe and we’ve visited RM a couple of times before.  We originally planned on skipping breakfast and having an early lunch, but even though we splurged on an early check in, we had a little time to kill and thought it wouldn’t hurt to get a small bite.  Jean Philippe, the chocolatier, confectionary, bakery, etc.  is right next to the elevators on the casino floor.  It’s a tantalizing smorgasbord of treats, but gluten free options are scarce, and for my wife, the absence of gluten is a medical necessity and not a dietary choice.  We looked around for another option and found a café with larger plates, that seemed inconsistent with our plans.  We thought about taking a single omelet to go and taking it to our room to share.  I do this on a lot of trips.  The trip downstairs is well worth the savings on room service and it’s a convenient way to share a plate without taking up a table in the restaurant.  We decided against it, however, and continued looking for the perfect spot.  Sara suggested I ask somebody where we could just find a snack shop.  I found out at the front desk that there was such a shop located right by the elevators.

It didn’t sink in at first, but it slowly dawned on me as we approached that Jean Philippe is a snack shop, apparently.  On closer inspection, we did find that the place was divided into sections and the smaller of the two had a crepe and omelet bar.  We decided to get an omelet which comes with choice of meat, cheese and vegetable.  We waited a while for our turn while the woman made a crepe, for somebody else.  she finally acknowledged us and directed us to a different register at the other end of the bar.  We asked the cashier about the choice of meat.  Specifically, we asked what kind of meats there are to choose from.  She told us “ham.”

“Well,” we asked, “do you have cheddar?”  They didn’t.  They didn’t even have American, Jack, or Swiss.  They had mozzarella, fontina, and something else I didn’t quite catch.  We went with mozzarella and tomatoes and peppers, instead of ham.  It came out a little watery, but it was protein and the portion was perfect to split for a light breakfast.  While we waited, we looked around at all of the chocolate, which all looked amazing, and made plans to return for that later.

To be continued…


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