Las Vegas, November 2013

I went to Las Vegas with my wife about two weeks ago and we had a really good time there.  I wanted to write it all down for my own benefit, and while it’s probably not super exciting to read about, I thought I’d share it anyway, because it’s the thing I’m currently writing.  Feel free to comment on plot twists and things that could happen to make the story more exciting.  As it stands, it’s just a slice of life on a Las Vegas getaway.


I packed my bag early.  My wife and I had been hitting MyVegas hard over the last six months.  This is a facebook game connected with M Life consisting mostly of slot machines that earn you loyalty points as you play for free.  We redeemed our points for free hotel stay at the Aria, a free buffet for two, and free admission to the shark reef at Mandalay Bay, which turned out to be an exciting exhibit.  The plan was to travel light.  We each had a backpack– well, she got one and a half and I got the remains.  I laid out my clothes, tactfully chosen to limit my involvement with TSA at the security checkpoint.  I removed anything I didn’t want from my wallet and armed it with a couple of gift cards and the cash I intended to use on the trip.  I took my house key of the chain and placed it in my wallet so I had to carry as little as possible in my pockets.  I also pre packed my belt, as in my case it is less of a necessity and more of an accessory.

Getting through security was a snap.  We enjoyed breakfast before boarding and the flight was as comfortable as a 737 can be for two hours.  Sara preloaded her ipad mini with some episodes of Shark Tank to pass the time.  We know the McCarran Airport pretty well and worked our way through the swiftly moving queue for the taxis that made us feel like we were boarding a Disneyland attraction.  The lady in front of us still felt as though small talk was necessary though, and tripped over her bags while asking us about our age.  We are awkward chatters, so the conversation lead briefly to our purpose for the visit (anniversary), to where we got married (The scenic Valley of the Falls just outside Mandalay Bay) and abruptly ended at that crucial juncture where you know if it goes on any longer you may be sharing a cab.  When we got to our own cab the driver quipped “What happened to your luggage?”  We did pack extra light.  We each had a complimentary stay at the Aria hotel, but we would have to validate them separately.  This meant that Sara would check in early tomorrow, just before I checked out of tonight’s room and I would be handling all the luggage.  We also didn’t want to be carting too much luggage around in the down time before we had to catch our return flight.  The whole process was very smooth.  It went like clockwork, and the staff was incredibly nice.  We wandered through the casino, half looking for the elevators, half taking mental snapshots of our future entertainment.  We passed Jean Philippe, the noted confectionary, with considerable mental strength.  It was time to drop our gear and start our vacation.

To be continued…

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