Marvel Secrecy: Ben Kingsley Has (almost) Nothing to Say

ben kingsley mandarin

Marvel is living up to it’s reputation for top secrecy of the worst kind. The kind that slips out a little information and lets you writhe in it with no hope of furtherillumination. Even as the speculation over what marvel properties will follow Ant Man on the big screen in the years to come, and what, if anything, will be done with Dare Devil and The Punisher, Sir Ben Kingsley has announced he is again working with Marvel.  The project is completely under wraps, but the Iron Man 3 star who played the bogus Mandarin is happy to be in the company of artists with such “enormous taste.”  Could there be more to the character he played or will we get to see him as something else?  The “project” could be part of any of the 60 episode bundle (four shows and a mini series) Marvel has been shopping around


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