This/Last Weekend

poster gi joe retaliationWho’s ready for some retaliation this weekend? Everybody’s gonna go see Dwayne and Bruce play with dolls, right? Wouldn’t it be funny if that was the movie. Just two action mega stars playing with G.I. Joe action figures in someone’s back yard? Who wouldn’t pay to go see that? No one. Unless you’re with Cobra, or you’re some kind of body snatching alien invader, which is a segue. The Host is a new Stephenie Meyer adaptation which appears to inject the nucleus of a Twilight type love story into the hollowed out egg of a mix between T2 and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And if those choices aren’t enough, you can also go see Tyler Perry dressed as a man in TemptationGet tickets.

Oz has Fallen, but still holds strong numbers, bringing in nearly $22 mil at third place. Not Surprisingly Olympus Has Fallen beat it out by about $9 mil. Also not surprisingly, Admission barely made the Dean’s List. Very surprising, at least to me, is how successfully The Croods opened with a revenue upwards of $43 million. I guess most of America must have seen a different trailer.

domestic cume:

5 Admission $6,154,984
4 The Call $31,105,056
3 Oz $21, 177,097,090
2 Olympus has Fallen $30,373,794
1 The Croods $43,639,736


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