This/Last Weekend

poster admissionAdmission, the new comedy starring Paul Rudd and Tina Fey is coming out in two days, adding another new comedy to the mix for Identity Thief to contend with.  Olympus Has Fallen is the political thriller du jour starring Aaron Eckhart and Moran Freeman in a terrorist seige of the white house.  Also, The Croods, a Dreamworks Animation product about cave people will be dragging its knuckles into theaters.  Get tickets.

In the words of your favorite Arrested Development character, “I made a huge mistake.”  I actually thought Star Trek was openning last sunday, which is crazy.  Duh!  I know that now.  The true release date is MAY 17, which makes a whole lot more sense.

So, Oz got another run at being on top and hauled in a sweet $41 million to repair China Town.  What surprises me is that The Call, with Halle Berry came in second nearly doubling  The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, which only came in third with $10 million, probably due to the latter’s 38% ranking on rotten tomatoes, though the audiences response was substancially better.   Jack dropped down to fourth place far from making back it’s immense budget and hanging on to the top five in its sixth week is Identity Thief.  The cume domestic earnings are:

5 Identity Thief $123,606, 175

4 Jack the Giant Slayer $54,007,635

3 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone $10,177,257

2 The Call $17,118,745

1 Oz: The Great and Powerful $144,056,326


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