New in Blu: Wreck it Ralph

bluray wreck it ralph
Great Deal for Amazon Prime members: Wreck-It Ralph (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) is just $19.99! Special features include:
“Paperman” Oscar winning Theatrical Short
Bit By Bit: Creating The Worlds Of WRECK-IT RALPH — Game Jump Through The Worlds Of The Film With The Filmmakers, Artists And Animators Who Created it
Disney Intermission: The Gamer’s Guide To WRECK-IT RALPH — Hosted By Chris Hardwick
Deleted & Alternate Scenes
Video Game Commercials — Original Commercials For Fix-It Felix, Jr., Hero’s Duty And Sugar Rush

Or get Wreck-It Ralph
on DVD for just $16.99 with Prime.

Movie Review: Wreck-it Ralph


2 thoughts on “New in Blu: Wreck it Ralph

  1. I’m pretty jealous – the film doesn’t come out on DVD over here in the UK for a good few months yet (as far as I’m aware, we don’t even have a release date set). Paperman blew me away when it was shown before the feature… Such beautiful animation. I’m very happy to hear that it’s made its way onto the Blu-Ray (take note Disney: you will have many, many angry people on your hands if you leave it off of the standard DVD extras) 🙂

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