This/Last Weekend

gi poster giantslayer21 and Over is the Hangover like comedy about a boy who becomes twenty-one and goes out of control celebrating with his buddies, the night before an important interview.  In Day of the Falcon, directed by Jean-Jaques Annaud of Seven Years in Tibet, a truce between two desert kingdoms is put to the test when oil is discovered between their lands.  Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer is finally arriving.  Horror sequel The Last exorcism part 2  and documentarian/tv writer Todd Robbinson’s Phantom, a submarine thriller starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny will also be hitting theaters this weekend.

Last weekends domestic box office leaders were the Universal comedy Identity Thief at number one, followed by Lionsgate’s thriller Snitch and The Weinstein’s animation attempt Escape from Planet Earth came in at number three, trailed by Relativity Media’s Safe Haven and 20th Century Fox’s latest but not nearly the greatest instalment of the Die Hard franchise.  Here are their cumulative revenues:

A Good Day to Die Hard: $51,967,897

Safe Haven: $47,916,357

Escape from Planet Earth: $34,812,699

Snitch: $13,167,607

Identity Thief: $93,619,615


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