Getting Back on Track

This week, my actor/globe-trotting Disneyland sound designer bff Shawn Brewer took some of his much deserved time off before another weekend shoot of his web series OFf and Running to visit Portland.  Over three days we drove both sides of the scenic Columbia River Gorge, Hiked Multnoma Falls, searched for Bigfoot, Explored the art museum, shopped in a manly fashion, tried many of the local beers and some distinguished cocktails at the Tear Drop Lounge. got lost in Powell’s, toured Tillamook, saw the ocean, tasted wine at a nearby vineyard, and topped it off with amazing burgers at Hillsborough’s Cruise in Diner.  We found time for Voodoo Doughnuts and Stumptown, but oddly enough, I didn’t see one movie, or even really think about them.

I have been so far removed from my script, or thinking about story, that I need to get warmed up again.  The motivation is there, but the creative part of my brain is all seized up.  If I don’t write something I could be in danger of really falling behind or worse, completely dropping the project.  It’s important to stay limber and keep using those writing muscles, so that’s what this is about.

I feel like when I took these days off,  I left something on at home, like an oven or an iron or something.  The story to script transitioning is very exciting, but it’s a lot of work, because you have a great deal of momentum at this point and the temptation to rush forward is very strong.  On the other hand there are undoubtedly holes to work through, details that you left out of your story synopsis.  You may have included a passive sentence that connects events without filling the space with substance.

My next screenwriting post will continue the story to script transition as I continue to define the sequences of my story and make preparations for the day where we commence writing our scripts.  I also have some reviews coming up.  I ended up turning off Another Earth after about twenty minutes of not-into it-ness.  But I have some great Disney bluRay’s that I am looking forward to.  In the mean time, I’ll be getting back into the groove.


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