Prometheus Impressions/Django Unchained


I saw Prometheus last night and first off, I just have to say I saw the Django Unchained trailer and it is TIGHT!  As for Prometheus, well, I’m glad I finally got to see it.  There were some really cool things in it, especially the special effects, which did Alien justice for the first time.

Unfortunately, it was full of unfortunate oversights and hasty choices that amounted to much less than what the film could have been.  My main problem with the movie was that it seemed to have a philosophical edge to it yet there is not only little depth, but plenty of flawed logic and religious confusion. I found a list of many of the troubling errors that make the film very disappointing despite delivering great creature effects and some nice new revelations of the Alien mythos.  See the list, which I totally agree with right here.

It was a good one time view.  I wish those effects would be applied to a much cooler film.  Anyway, here’s the trailer for Django:


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