Something to watch on Netflix

I’m streaming a pretty good flick on Netflix right now.  It’s called What Planet Are You From? and it stars everybody:  Garry Shandling, Annette Bening, Greg Kinnear, John Goodman, Ben Kingsley, Judy Greer, Linda Fiorentino…  It’s a really sharp comedy about an alien from an advanced race sent to impregnate an earth woman as the first step of a world domination scheme.

Granted, I’m writing, while I watch. So, I’m not too engrossed; But I am laughing while I write.  It’s always, I think, a valuable thing to get a heads up on something good you can see instantly for free if you are a netflix subscriber.  Garry Shandling is a great lead in this amazing cast.  It only grossed about 1/8 of it’s 5000,000.00 budget back in 2000.  Sometimes time surprises you, like which was going to be a bigger hit:  E.T. or Crush Groove?

Oh, and if you want to know who wrote it, four writers are credited.  It’s always interesting to see if a movie has a handful of writers.  Sometimes a movie can be four times better.  Usually it turns out incohesive, I think.  This was one of the more fortunate team ups, headed by Garry Shandling.  The other writers were Michael Leeson, Ed Solomon and Peter Tolan.  Solomon wrote Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels (also with multiple writers icluding the great John August), and Super Mario Bros. among other things.  Leeson is responsible for  I.Q. and The War of the Roses.


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