Welcome, Screenwriters!

Welcome to CineTactical!  If you are a writer planning on writing a script, or currently in the middle of one, you’ve landed on the right place.  I’m about to start a project as well and this blog will help walk you through the process of writing your own incredible story using some simple tools and techniques!

How much do you know about your story already?  what cornerstone are you starting with?  Do you have a main character?  A premise? A Genre?  Do you need a boy meets girl comedy or a revenge flick?  Are there specific story demands, or budget concerns.  How about locations?

Some of this stuff isn’t necessary to think about and in some cases there is no right or wrong answer.  but you may have parameters before you even write your title page that will shape how you need to think about the rest of your script.

I get scared sometimes when I think about having to be confined to a single location and the limitations can potentially kill a project before it starts.  If you are burdened with a low production budget or limited resources, try not to worry.  It really shouldn’t matter.  Think of the limitations more like guide rails to keep you on the right track… The same with the other aspects of your story.  Take everything you know about it and write it down.  Even if something isn’t for certain, but more of a notion or an idea, just include it.  Brainstorm all over the page and see where your mind takes you.  Don’t worry about getting stuck.  This is just about what you know.  If you don’t know, you can make it up later, and if you don’t like what you made up, you can change it.

I’m going to be doing this myself for my newest script.  I’ll keep the details to myself of course and I won’t ask you what you’re working on except as a rhetorical question to get you on the right track.  If we do this right we’ll  all have terrific scripts in no time.

The actual time it takes for me to pound out a draft is about a week or two.  But screenwriting is mostly thinking (part of why I like it so much.)  We’ll spend a lot of time on story structure and character arcs.  Plot points, act breaks, scene anatomy etc.  When all this is done, I hope to not only have a useful set of well written articles on this site, but many brilliant scripts written by you who have benefitted from them.

Incidentally, I should also say that while I certainly have ideas, I have not yet decided for sure what my script is going to be about.  I’m going through the screenwriting process from the beginning while I write this blog.  If you have a question about screenwriting or film that you would like answered please email me at cinetactical@gmail.com.

Let’s get to work!



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